Who We Are

L.H.P Property Development Company (Pvt) Ltd is a specialized company in real estate services in Sri Lanka. It was initiated as a subsidiary company of L.H.Piyasena & Company (Pvt) Limited in 2004 honouring the Sri Lanka Government’s invitation and incentives provided to the organizations to design, develop and manage urban housing solutions consisting of multi storey apartment complexes. L.H.P Property Development Co. (Pvt) Ltd. inaugurated the maiden project approved by the Board of Investments in Sri Lanka (BOI) as the Mount Court Apartment Complex at Mt Lavinia. It has also successfully completed the constructions of the luxurious apartment complex of “Marine City Residence” in Dehiwala. The main company L.H.Piyasena & Company (Pvt) Ltd was commenced in 1960 as Building constructors and engineers and subsequently incorporated into a Liability Company in 1987. They have also inaugurated L.H.P Ready-Mixed Concrete (Pvt) Ltd in 2003 for manufacturing and supplying of Ready-mixed Concrete. L.H.Piyasena & Company (Pvt) Ltd is exclusive in the construction field on the grounds of impeccable quality, designs standards and finishing.  All the construction of L.H.P Property Development Co. (Pvt) Ltd. is carried out by L.H. Piyasena & Co. (Pvt) Ltd.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide everyone with a luxurious lifestyle through safe and accomplished property development.

Our Mission

Our mission is accomplishing our vision through constructing quality and unique property ensuring the comfort and the luxury of our clients’ lifestyle.

Managing Director’s Message

L.H Piyasena and Company (Pvt) Ltd. with over five decades of experience in the field of construction and engineering services, have won the hearts of the clients for the professionalism and the refinement of the service we provide them. To enhance our horizons and to ameliorate the service to our respectable clients, we initiated L.H.P Property Development Co. (Pvt) Ltd. in 2004. At the inauguration, our main ambition was to approach a dire need of the urban citizens who flock to the commercial capital and the migrants. As a consequence of lack of space in Colombo, they may not be able to build a house with a spacious garden and a homey and agreeable ambiance for their children to grow up. With the hope of providing our clientele a perfect solution for their housing dilemma, we ensure the comfort of our clients and provide them a homey environment with all the requirements for a luxurious and a comfortable life style. Our residencies also give our clients the benefit of having all the necessary service stations at their hands. Eventually, I would like to invite you to take a visit in our web site to explore our services and what we can offer you to own a luxurious life style. Visit our website frequently to get the updated information about our services. In case if you have any doubts or questions regarding our services, do not hesitate to contact us through the direct line or by filling the contact form in our site.

Why choose LHP

L.H. P Property is ahead in the industry since the company adheres to the construction quality standards. Only the approved and quality materials, equipment and professional man power and knowledge is used by the L.H.P Property in order to maintain the quality methods of the construction process and to serve a quality space for the clients to call home.
Neat Finishes

The prime intention of L.H.P Property is to provide the clients a quality apartment to make it home. In order to maintain the quality, our crew ensures neat finishes for every apartment giving attention to detail when completing the apartment. The company also keeps space for interior designing according to the client requirements.

Timely Completions

With the intention of providing the client a cost effective solution, L.H.P Property Co. (Pvt) Ltd. ensures timely completion for each project. The company is committed and dedicated to the success of each project with equal attention. In addition, the benefit of a well designed cost effective plan is delivered to the clients through our projects.


Our apartments differ from the others mainly because of the luxury they consist of. Since all these apartments are equipped with the facilities that help to lead a classy life style, most of the customers claim that these are ideal apartments. We have used only the quality materials to ensure the luxurious and high end appearance of these apartments.


Save from the luxurious outlook, the comfort of the apartments are also ensured. We have paid adequate attention to the space, colours and materials in order to provide a comfortable place. L.H.P Property wants the customers to have a space of their own to call it a house going a step ahead in the concept of urban life styles.


When designing and choosing the lands, we confirmed that they are within the reach of all the necessary facilities. Thus all our apartments are conveniently closer to the supermarkets, bus stands, railway stations, filling stations, banks and schools. The facilities that you need to lead a comfortable and luxurious life are within your reach.


All the conventional as well as the modern techniques are used to ensure the security of you and your property. There are well trained and professional security guards at your service 24/7 to ensure the security of the place. Added to that, there is  a fully equipped CCTV system in operation so that your security is thoroughly assured.

Value for money

L.H.P Property provides 100% value to the money you pay. It can be clearly perceived when one witnesses the quality of the apartments and the facilities that are provided. When all the facilities provided are taken into consideration, it is undoubtedly proven that these give the value to your money.


The property developed by L.H.P Property is situated at the heart of the Colombo city. All these places are easily reachable by the main roads and are at the reach of the necessary facilities that are needed to lead a comfortable and luxurious life. They are a few minutes away from the towns which are ideal urban destinations of thousands.

2004 - 2006
Mount Court

No. 21, Siripala Road, Mount Lavinia.

2008- 2013
Marine City
Who we are

No. 46, Station Road, Dehiwala.

2012 - 2016

No.492.R. A De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 4.

2015 - 2017
Who we are

No.24, Inner Fair Line Road, Dehiwala.

Coming soon
Marine Heights

No. 43, Maj.L V Goonerathne Mawatha,



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